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Bangladesh Autocars Limited

Listing year



August 01, 1979

Chairman and CEO, Director

Mr. Mohammad Murad

Paid-in Capital

BDT: 43,260,130

Head Office

110, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka - 1208

Tel: +8802 8870467, Tel: +8802 8870468

Fax: +8802 8870469

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Main Business

The Bangladesh Autocars Ltd. Was incorporated on 01 August, 1979 in Bangladesh as a Public Limited company under the Company Act, 1913 (Replaced in 1994) and its shares are listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. The Company produced three Wheelers Auto Tempo under technical Collaboration of Piaggio & C s.p.a (manufacturer of world famous Vespa Brand). Due to the government policy to ban two stoke three wheeled vehicles; the company had to stop production of three wheelers Auto Tempo during the year 1999. Now, the company has CNG Convert Workshop for the Vehicles and CNG Refueling station.

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Dhaka Stock Exchange

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